The guys at Old Bull Lee sent me a few pairs of their boardshorts to try out and put through the ringer! The design of their boardshorts is on point with stylish colors and patterns without massive logos plastered all over them. This is a big selling point for me when it comes to purchasing a pair of boardshorts. I like a good design or plain colors over big ugly logos so Old Bull Lee have impressed me with their designs.

Old Bull Lee boardshorts are true to size which is awesome if you are ordering online so you don’t have to worry about them running big or small. The length is perfect sitting just on the knee which is the way I like my boardshorts for surfing and swimming. All three models I received are light weight, comfortable and just down right epic! Designed and made in the USA these boardshorts will hold up in the water or on the sand. Whether you are looking for a new pair of surfing shorts or you just want to look stylish at the beach Old Bull Lee has you covered. Check them out below!


The El Porto Model 

Old Bull Lee has fused both the inside and outside waistband pieces with lightweight fusing (As opposed to a more cost effective single heavier piece of fusing) so the two pieces of fabric at the waistband respond independently. It offers a better fit and feel more natural. They use full mesh on the hidden back face of all our boardshort pockets for water drainage. 



Rincon Point Model (My personal favorite) 

These are my favorite boardshorts from Old Bull Lee. The material is silky smooth and they are super comfortable! The contemporary papaya and grey color block poly boardshort with elastane flex in a trim silhouette. Heavy-duty triple needle seam construction with interior cover stitch. These boardshorts are ready for whatever you want to throw at them!




Ruggles Model 

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of these boardshorts! The Ruggles are deep blue 4-way flex boardshorts and are so comfortable and lightweight that you’ll forget you’re wearing them. The flex fabric offers maximum mobility for the optimal level of performance. Birds nest waistband and drawstring tie keep them secure. Signature woven branding label. 


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