Well, me for one. The hype is real and everyone wants a piece of the pie including me. I know I’m not going to surf like Kelly on one of his boards but at least I could think I’m ripping harder. The Banana, Omni, Sci-Fi oh man who doesn’t want to take one of these bad boys out. The proof is in the pudding they say and I haven’t heard anyone speak a bad word about Slater Designs, well apart from the price. I really want one but $700 plus is definitely on the high end of the scale. I’d have to sell my left nut to afford one of these and I would probably lose my right one to my fiancé if she found out I was spending that kind of doe on a surfboard. Then I wonder am I just falling victim to great marketing with the best surfer in the worlds name behind it? I doubt Kelly would do that to me and I trust my old team mate Stuart Kennedy’s praise about these finely tuned crafts. Never the less how do people afford these or am I just a cheap scape? More than likely I am a bit on the tight end when it comes to money but I have to be. For starters I am living in a foreign country attending university and I am not allowed to work so there is that and I live in my van when I’m not at school. Already having two surfboards is pushing the limit with space in the van. Should I sell both my boards and buy a Slater Designs and surf it in all conditions? I guess that is an option but it scares me. So I will continue to ponder my thoughts and dream of what it would be like to surf a Slater Designs board, or in case you are reading this Mr Slater hook me up bro!


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