You’re most probably thinking I’m crazy but Zuma is actually my favourite surf spot in Malibu. The crowd gets broken up all the way along the beach due to the endless peaks. Zuma also tends to be more consistent than most spots in the area. It’s a fun beach break with the potential to be insanely good with the right swell and banks. The waves can be really heavy so it’s not so good for beginners unless it’s small. The beach itself is also a great for chilling in the sun with your friends or family and there is plenty of sand for the kids play in. There are several toilets and showers along the beach as well. The surf vibe at Zuma is relaxed and everyone seems to get along in the water. It’s a great beach with no rocks so you can take a dip comfortably with out stubbing your toe. Check out my vlog from Zuma below. If you want to support Surf Travels Blog then like comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks guys!

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