This is a fun post and is only my opinion on some of the types of surfers I have come across in Bali. It’s true but shouldn’t be taken in an offensive manner.

  1. The Aussie bogan

The Aussie bogan is usually covered in tattoos and wearing a Bintang singlet in the surf. His board will look to small due to the size of his biceps and he thinks he is as good of a surfer as Kelly Slater. He will burn you every chance he gets and If he gets burned he will try and start a fight. You will see him drinking beers on the beach immediately after exiting the surf. bogan-surfer

     2. The super grom

The super grom is a 3 feet tall kid usually well sponsored with 50 stickers on his board. He surfs better than you and just about everyone else in the line- up. He will be getting longer barrels than you and pulling an air reverse on every section. super grom.png

  1. The kook

The kook is found out back on a soft top with no idea what he’s doing. He thinks surfing looks easy but he spends most of his time sitting out way to far trying not to fall off his board.  He doesn’t know how to duck dive so he will be seen swimming back out to with his board being towed behind him. He usually ends up with some kind of laceration or reef cut.  kook surfer.jpg

  1. The silent ripper

The silent ripper will be wearing a long sleeve rash vest and white zinc smeared across his nose. He looks like a kook, but this dude is a ripper in disguise. He’s better than you in every way. He’s always in the right spot. He paddles back out faster than you and he’s catching all of the waves. He’s usually completely silent and just lets his surfing do the talking. the silent ripper.jpg

  1. The social guy

The social guy is usually paddling around trying to make conversation with anyone who will listen. He will be riding a fish, and he will try to tell you how good his board is and you should have been here yesterday kind of bull shit bullshit. He eventually gets the wave of the day because he has let every other guy have a set.


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