Most of the time when I travel I rarely get travel insurance but thankfully I currently have it while I’m in the United States. Last weekend I was lucky enough or unlucky enough to get a nice laceration on the top of my head due to my razor sharp fins. Finding an Urgent Care that took my insurance took over 4 hours of driving around and several conversations with my insurance provider trying to find an Urgent Care that would actually see me. Yeah sure I could of just went to the first one I found but I had already paid for insurance and I was not too keen on paying a $1000 for a few staples in the old noggin. Everything was sorted out in the end and lucky I did have insurance which cost me around $700 but hey they wanted more than that just for a couple staples. My advice is if you are going to travel in the United States it is probably a good idea to have some sort of insurance unless you don’t plan on getting hurt, but hey accidents happen.


By: Jamie Nicholson @surftravelsblog

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