Last weekend I was lucky enough to head to Las Vegas for the iheartradio concert. It was a spur of the moment trip as my girlfriend and I were offered free tickets to the event last minute. We couldn’t turn down the opportunity so we packed a bag and hit the road. The drive out to Vegas from LA took about 5 hours, and it headed straight through the Mojave Desert. Some would say it’s a boring drive with nothing to see but I find the desert fascinating and all that surrounds it. From the abandoned houses and old rusty cars to the just plain random things you see out there. When I see houses in the middle of nowhere I just wonder what it would be like to live in that house as well as what do the people who live in that house do? So many unanswered questions. For me the desert is like a beautiful ugly. It’s dry, hot, dusty but at the same time it’s beautiful and mysterious.  

Random desert art

We arrived in Vegas around 3 pm with plenty of time to spare before the concert. We went to the concert early to check out the stage and have a few drinks. The show kicked off and Brittany spears was the opener. I might get ridiculed saying this but I have wanted to see Brittany for a long time so I was pretty exited especially when she walked straight past us. The show also included performances from Sting, Usher (with Ludacris), Pitbull, Ariana Grande, Florida Georgia Line, Zedd, Tears For Fears, Cage The Elephant and even The Back Street Boys. Even though I’m not a fan of all these artists it was still an amazing show.


Liam Hemsworth


We ran into a few actors by the name of Liam Hemsworth and Tyler Lautner who were happy to have a chat with us. It was a good night to say the least and I’m happy we got the opportunity to be a part of it. The desert wasn’t as beautiful on the drive home but I think that had something to do with my hangover.

By: Jamie Nicholson @surftravelsblog

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