I have been in the market for a new wetsuit for about two months now. I was looking for a 4/3 mm chestzip for a trip to California and my limit was $300 (Aud). I scoured the internet high and low trying to find the best deals. I know $300 seems pretty tight for a 4/3 mm especially for the big brand names but I wanted to steer clear of them and find a quality wetsuit from a smaller lesser known company. I had found a few smaller companies selling wetsuits at really good prices around $250 for a 4/3. I was surprised at how cheap these wetsuits were going for and apparently I wasn’t the only one as they were selling like hotcakes and the companies couldn’t keep up with the demand. When I pretty much had accepted defeat the wetsuit gods shinned down on me in the name of Zion Wetsuits. Zion had an online sale on various wetsuits with extreme discounts like the Vault 4/3 mm usually $449 for only $229 which is what I purchased. The postage was free and fast, also the guys at Zion threw in a free pair of boardies plus stickers and that’s something the big brands would never do. The guys at Zion were great to deal with and from my knowledge they run a pretty tight ship down there in Wollongong NSW. The wetsuit is high quality, super stretchy ‘’chloroprene’’ (which is limestone based Yamamoto Japanese neoprene) and really comfortable along with a great design and logo. So far I can’t fault the Vault 4/3 mm in any way however we will see how it holds up over the next few months. Check them out at http://www.zionwetsuits.com/

Just to be clear I have no affiliation with Zion nor do I personally know anyone from the company so my review is honest and not bias in anyway.


The Specs

The backbone of every Zion winter has been further refined. With a redeveloped chest zip entry system, interior wrist and ankle grips, new mad logos and a host of other goodies. W15 Vault 4/3 features:

•Ergonomic cut

•100% S-Seal external liquid taped

•100% superstretch Japanese limestone based neoprene. Warmer and kinder to the environment than regular neoprene

•No mess about easy access chestzip system.

•New and improved glideskin neck

•3D ink logos that won’t fade, peel or crack

•Interior wrist and ankle grips to prevent the awkward slide

•Silk Touch External Jersey – Bamboo Charcoal Internal Jersey

•Tradie-Approved keystash

By: Jamie Nicholson

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