I get asked regularly what surfboards I take to Bali and advice on what surfboards people should take to Bali. To be honest I believe you should ride whatever boards you like. However if you’re not a pro and you have to pay for your baggage fees out of your own pocket then you might want to consider how many boards you really need to travel with. When it comes to Bali you probably want to have certain few boards in your quiver.

1 – A regular medium sized wave board is a must and you will ride it more than you think.

2 – A step up board a few inches bigger than you regular board for when the waves are solid.

3 – A gun for when it’s double over head.


Medium sized waves perfect for your regular board


My Bali quiver usually consists of 3 boards. I am 5’9” and 70kg (155lbs).

1 x 5’9” regular small to medium wave board

1 x 6’0” step up medium plus wave board

1 x 6’4” gun (I know that’s not really a gun but it is big enough for me)


When it gets like this you will want that step up or gun


I only travel with 3 boards because that’s all I need. Most people think that when they go to Bali they are going to score big pumping waves the whole time so they take a bunch of guns, but this isn’t always the case. I prefer to have a step up and a gun for when it does get big and still have a board or two for the smaller pumping waves that usually consist of the majority of a trip. Everyone has their own style and types of boards they prefer to ride. These are mine and I hope this helps you in some way make a decision on what boards to take to Bali.


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By: Jamie Nicholson

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