The Vans U.S. Open is on and it looks like a hell of a time. If you enjoy surfing, skateboarding, BMX or all three, this is the place for you. However the Vans U.S. Open caters for all with a variety of vendors, movie nights, screenprinting class, guitar lessons, DIY sunglasses making and even a cartoon drawing work shop so there is something for everyone young or old. The Vans U.S. Open attracts massive crowds somewhat like a musical festival, but without the music (well there is probably music but you know what I mean). If I was close to Huntington Beach I would be there checking out this event out. If you do happen to make it let me know what it’s like. The Vans U.S. Open is on until Sunday the 31st of July. Check out the event website here for more information

Victor Bernado taking to the air in his Rd 1 heat


Jack Winburn ripping the bowl


By: Jamie Nicholson

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