If you’re planning a trip to Lakey Peak Sumbawa, there are a few things you might want to know. The waves are pretty damn fun that’s for sure but getting there can suck. Let’s start with how to get there. If you’re in Bali your best bet is flying to Bima Airport in Sumbawa, sounds easy right? The problem with this is there are only a couple of airlines who fly to Sumbawa and they only fly there three times a week. The other issue is there’s no guarantee that your boards will make it onto the plane due to the other fifty frothers heading there with tons of boards. So you might arrive at Bima with no boards and have to wait a few days for them to hitch a ride on another plane. The planes are super small so they have limited space for board bags and they fill up quick! My advice is get to the airport as soon as the counter opens and check in your boards with the hope they get on the plane first. Always be prepared to pay more for your board bag, even if you weighed it before you left for some reason it always weighs more at the airport (dodgy scales?). They have you by the balls and they know there’s no way your leaving your boards behind. The other option is by bus and ferry although I have only done this from Lombok, and it was a mission. Probably less drama than flying though it can be sketchy at times. The bus I caught only had one speed which was full ball and I didn’t sleep a wink the whole time because I thought I was going to die. We drove all night racing along the rough roads dodging dogs, buffalo and locals. The ferry from Lombok to Sumbawa is a nice break from the bus but it’s only a short rest before your winding around blind corners in the middle of the road at 80 km’s an hour once again. Either way at some point in your journey whether it’s by air or land you will get scammed into paying extra for no apparent reason at all, so always remember everything cost ten times more when your white and don’t speak Indonesian. Also the bus will drop you off in Dompu and you will need to organize a ride to Lakey Peak from there (45 mins). Getting from Bima airport to Lakeys is also a major rip off and just seems dodgy, but once you make it to you’re hotel and see the waves you forget about everything else.


There are a few different options when it comes to hotels but I stay at Mona Lisa Cottages. It’s quite run down these days and the only reason I stay there is because  Robbie the manager is an absolute legend and always looks after me with a good price. There are plenty of other options with a range of different prices so it just depends how much you want to spend. I hear Aman Gati is over- priced and has a shitty scene so maybe avoid staying there. The local beach boys also hang out the front offering a multitude of services such as, bike hire, lifts to other spots, fishing trips and pretty much everything you can think of. If I hire a bike I will hire one from one of the workers at Mona Lisa although you don’t even really need a bike unless its flat and you want to go exploring. Periscopes isn’t too far of a walk along the beach and if you’re lucky you might see some buffalo cruising the shoreline. Don’t get scammed into going fishing on the boats it’s a rip off and you won’t catch anything. You will spend your time bailing out the wooden boat so you don’t sink (well thats what i did).

Mona Lisa Cottages
Mona Lisa Cottages

Always lock your door no matter what hotel you’re staying in, hide your cash and valuables. Although I have never personally had anything stolen, friends of mine have had cash among other things disappear from their rooms.

The best thing about Lakeys is having three different waves out the front of your hotel – Pipe, Peak and Nungas. The bad thing about Lakeys is having three different waves out the front of your hotel, because it gets insanely crowded. Surfing The Peak with lots of people gets a little crazy at times. The good thing is on the bigger days the crowd usually halves so it’s a lot easier to get waves.

Lakey Peak Sumbawa

One of the local photographers snapped some shots of me at The Peak

Leaving Lakey Peak starts off by paying yet another over- priced Taxi ride to the airport, more baggage fees and don’t forget that white boy airport tax. So if you don’t mind dealing with all that then go for it. I don’t have plans to head back there anytime soon but I’m sure I will go back one day. The waves get really good here, but at the moment I don’t think it’s worth the effort to fight for waves when you can surf crowded waves in Bali without spending the extra cash.

By: Jamie Nicholson

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