If I’m going to spend time at home in Australia, then winter is the best time in my eyes. The mornings are brisk with offshore winds. The skies glow a stunning red morning and night along with some quality waves at some spots I would rather not mention.

winter waves blog.JPG
A Northern NSW sunrise


The clean crisp conditions are usually matched with ESE swells that are somewhat consistent at this time of year. The colder weather sometimes makes for a few less guys in the water but usually only a few as wetsuits are getting pretty damn good these days. The far north coast is definitely not the coldest surfing location and most wouldn’t consider it cold at all. I’m sure the English backpackers that are learning to surf in Byron are thinking it’s on the warm end of the scale. I like the feeling of throwing on my steamer in the early morning cold air and running down to the water’s edge followed by trying to avoid getting my hair wet on the paddle out. I have managed to score a bunch of quality waves and more than one solid swell in the past couple of months. Going to university has allowed me a lot more time to surf as I can manage my study around the waves so I’m feeling really lucky at the moment. The other bonus is being able to surf during the week while most people are working. As we all know surfing is very popular these days and the crowd factor is getting a bit insane so the days of getting a few waves with only you and a couple guys in the water seems like a past time.  


It’s not just the surf that I love at this time of year but also the cloudless blue skies that make me feel like I can see for miles across the land and ocean. Sometimes I forget how beautiful this area really is and how lucky I am to call it home. I have developed the travel bug so I doubt I will see out the whole winter at home. I have a few plans in the mix so I’m excited to see what happens in the near future.


By: Jamie Nicholson

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