There is no doubt that Ulu’s is one of the best waves in Bali, but over the years the crowds have grown extremely. New villas and hotels are popping up quicker than you can finish your Bintang. Ulu’s no longer just caters for the surfer, but all travellers looking for an escape from Kuta to honeymooner’s wanting that luxury hotel overlooking the Bukit peninsula. Who can blame them. The whole south-west of Bali is beautiful with cliffs overlooking crystal clear water and sandy coves for sunbaking and swimming.


When I hear friends and other people talk about surfing Ulu’s they complain about how crowded it is. But where in Bali isn’t crowded these days? Bali is popular among surfers and flights are cheap so you have to expect it’s going to be busy, especially in peak season April to October.


One of the plus’s to surfing Ulu’s is the different take off zones that break up the crowd. Temples is a long and hollow wave that’s breaks furthest up the point, followed by what I like to call Middle Peak and last but not least Racetracks. There is another take off zone past racetracks called Outside Corner but I have never witnessed it break, I’ve heard it needs to be big for it to work. It can still be super hard to get waves at Ulu’s but if you’re not a DICK then I’m sure you will be able to pick off a good one without getting burned. I’ve had heaps of fun sessions here over the years and I will always hit up Ulu’s when I’m in Bali. The vibe at Ulu’s out of the water is chill and there are a bunch of warungs on the cliff to eat and have a beer. Ulu’s is also super girlfriend friendly so don’t be afraid to leave your girl to explore while you’re getting pitted out of your brains at Racetracks.  The sunsets at Ulu’s are the best in Bali in my opinion and become part of the daily routine.


There is plenty of accommodation at and around Ulu’s depending on your budget and how close you want to be for the waves. The prices vary a lot and have been rising every year I’ve been back but in my opinion its better than staying in Kuta the whole time you’re in Bali. Check out for cheap deals.

So that’s why I still like surfing Ulu’s no matter what anyone says, I always have a great time here and catch plenty of good waves.

By: Jamie Nicholson

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